Camino 2019 Day 13

Leider geht sich heute deutsch nicht aus..

Today was an easy day. It was extremely cold this morning, as there was a frost at night. I had met a couple of nice people last night including an Asian lady who lives in the Black Forest. I saw her twice again in the ladies bathroom and we sat together at breakfast. She set our earlier than I and must be a very quick walker as she passed me twice as I had to stop for various reasons. It became a joke and she asked if she could take my foto with HER camera. The tour was mainly flat, largely on tarmac, but either sharing with or close to the foot–pilgrims. I can’t believe how many there are! What must it be like in summer? This is what makes this trip so special, not only do you greet everyone with “Buen Camino” but also you get to know so many people of different nationalities in the evenings. Well my new Garmin Sat -Nav has been very good so far and I’ve tried to program it to Bike – Line routes. Nonetheless it took me down an unpaved track which wasn’t signposted as the pilgrims route. That surprised me, but I could see on the map that I shouldn’t go over the motorway, so I followed. The path turned out to be very muddy and my bike looked awful. Again I had to keep scraping the mud out between wheel and fork with a stick. After about 2 Km.I came to an unpassable flood and had to go back the way I had come. It wasn’t long before I saw a pilgrim coming towards me snd I turned around to
see the sign for the correct pilgrims way. It was also untarred, bur with lots of fine gravel, which kept the mud away. That track seemed to go on for ever and I wondered how bored the foot-pilgrims must be. The rest of the way was on roads , but which were quiet due to the nearby motorway.I think I’ll have to finish this in the morning as I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Next morning:

I managed 83 kilometres because there was so little climb and if I manage to do the same today I’ll be back on schedule.

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