Camino 2019 Day 15

Well, for some reason I have no internet connection tonight so am writing this as an email to my blog, hoping it will send tomorrow morning. It was a very short ride today, after first underestimating the uphill ride I then overestimated it. I only cycled 25 kilometres AND had my luggage transported, so I was here by 1:15. I had to prebook this accommodation, so that they knew where to deliver my luggage to, otherwise I would have carried on, but the break was good. Unfortunately the transport of my luggage for the distance I want to do tomorrow is far too expensive, so it’s harder work again.This morning I stopped at the cathedral and who should I meet, but the French couple! That was the last time I will have seen them, as they aren’t continuing to Santiago, but off to Lisbon. I spent the afternoon sitting short-sleeved in the sun, replaninng my last few days, while the lady did my laundry and then talking to a lovely English couple. I went to church tonight 🙄🙃 thinking it would be a nice service for pilgrims and so did everybody else, as the church was full. It turned out to be a sung service in Latin (YES, Latin not spanisch ) no communion, no peace sign. There was a short greeting in English, mainly to tell us to switch our phones off. When it was over the priest went out. Everyone was still sitting waiting what wold happen next, until someone switched the lights off and waved us out!! At dinner there were few pilgrims in the restaurant I chose and they sat me at table alone. What a disappointment. However I got into conversation with the German lady at the next table. Although this is a hostel I have a single room with a bathroom shared with the lovely lady of the house.

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