Camino 2019 Day 19

My night in the 20-bedded dorm was remarkably good. The only thing that was a bit of a pain was that several young Spaniards were lying in, which made it difficult for the rest of us to pack up. I ended up searching for a couple of items as i didn’t have my usual system.
Once again the tour is in 3 parts, but i won’t share the other two as they were only 4,5 Km. and virtually no climb. I had carefully replanned the route using the digital map rather than place-names, but somehow it seems not to have downloaded properly. One it got going it was almost perfect. There are a couple of hills which meant pushing but lots of exhilarating rides down, never too steep or “bendy” to involve much braking. It was lovely weather. I took my first layer off before the second real climb and was ready to take the second one off by the time I got here. I reached Santiago by 1 p.m. but it was nearly 3 by the time i found my prebooked accommodation and settled in.

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1 Response to Camino 2019 Day 19

  1. Congratulations Susan – another remarkable achievement. I hope you enjoyed the challenge.
    Thank you so much for your outstanding support over the years.
    Kind regards,

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