Donating Macmillan

To see more about the charity, click on above link. The best way to donate is directly through my Just Giving site, which is safe and easy. If you are a taxpayer in the UK this also means that Gift Aid will be added to your donation. However, if you prefer cash or bank transfer, please just leave a comment. You may be wondering whether I have donated – the answer is NO. I am spending quite a lot of money on this trip – I am too old to take a tent, sleeping bag etc. and will be staying in (cheap) hotels, I will need to eat (I know, I have to eat at home too, but that would be considerably cheaper than eating in restaurants) and I am buying extra equipment for my bike. I am not asking anyone to contribute towards these costs, but to sponsor me only for Macmillan Caring Locally.

Here is what your donation will buy, or contribute to:

This amount will buy  which helps in this way
£5,00 A specialist children’s book. These books are specially written to help a child understand bereave-ment; and the family support team give them to family where a loved one has passed away.
£10,00 A Memory Box. These are keepsake boxes that the Family Support Team give to any children in a family where a loved one is seriously ill. The child is able to decorate the box themselves and put items like photos, perfume etc inside the box. This then becomes a treasured memory of a loved one.
£50,00 A selection of talking books. Some of the patients at the Macmillan Unit find it difficult to hold a book to read, so the unit has portable DVD / CD players that they can use. Talking books are a great way to listen to your favourite book.
£100,00 Craft materials for our Day Centre. Macmillan’s Day Centre offers diversional therapies such as painting; and their patients really enjoy the opportunity to spend the day at the centre, and create art and paint pottery.
£500,00 An O2 saturation machine. Macmillan are aiming for all their palliative care sisters to have these machines. Should a patient require their O2 tested at home, and the staff do not have a machine, the alternative is a trip to hospital for the patient, or an uncomfortable procedure in the home, both of which are distressing when they are very poorly.
£1.000,00 A portable hospital bed. These are the beds that Macmillan deliver into people’s homes for when a patient would prefer to be cared for at home.
£2.500,00 A Huntleigh Enterprise bed for the Ward at the Macmillan Unit. Most of the beds at the Macmillan unit are 10-15 years old, so they are trying to update them with new Huntleigh beds. These beds offer far superior patient comfort, and make it easier for patient care.

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