2014 Donate Freiraum-Europa


To see more about the charity, click on above link. The best way to donate is directly to the special account: Susan Hausberger – Freiraum-Europa IBAN: AT301921020208888002 (BIC INGDAT21). However, if you prefer cash  please just leave a comment. You may be wondering whether I have donated – the answer is NO. I am spending quite a lot of money on this trip – although I am being hosted by several other cyclists through the organisation Warmshowers I will still need to staying a few nights in (cheap) hotels, I will need to eat (I know, I have to eat at home too, but that would be considerably cheaper than eating in restaurants) and I am buying extra equipment for my bike. I am not asking anyone to contribute towards these costs, but to sponsor me only for Freiraum-Europa

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