Thanks/Danke 2010

Many thanks to:

  • my son, André, and my husband, Peter, for buying me a Nokia N97 mini to keep me in touch with you (and them, of course) on my travels und André für seine viele Tipps und Hilfe!
  • David Auger, Derek Upshall and everyone else at the Iford Baptist church for their prayers and support
  • my Mum for finding lots of sponsors
  • Philip Duncan for collecting donations
  • Ray & Toni Porter, the Iford Bridge Social club, Jean Pope, Andrew and Audrey Clarke, John Pike, Frank Cloney, Dorrie Ellaway, Sheila Luscombe & her customers, Hilda Soya, Frank Grimshaw, Margaret Poulton, Pam & Paul Wheatcroft, Gerald & Anne Edmunds,  Arlene & George Beard, Dorothy & Alan Grundy, Hazel (Nr. 31), Ivor & Marlene, J. & P. Fisher, Sylvia & Toni Collins, John & June Willne, Anna Weingraber & Erich, Trevor Scarr, John Foster, Ray Pearson, Shirley Stocker, Jacqueline Horton, Doreen Reeves, L.A. Thomas, Harry Coaker, Jane Barlow, Avis Monday, D & G. Buckle, Mrs. J. Heyburn, B & A. Sedgwick, Sandra Brunt, Janet & Paul Birchby, Barbara Wright (my Mum), Frank (Nr. 64), L & M. James, Margaret (Nr. 64), D & H. Harrison, Kieran Butler, Alfa Mackie, J & S. Millet, T. Coles, Derek Upshall, D.H. Hemmin, B. Milling, P. Neve, D & G. Auger, Frances Underwood, Linda Gale, Margaret Cossey & Philip Duncan of the Rotarian Club Boscombe & Southbourne with his family, friends and fellow rotarians for their donations
  • Stefan Berggren at Trek for sending me cycling apparel
  • Lucy Davies and Kevin Payne for getting me to the youth hostel
  • The “good Samaritan” who helped me with my bike
  • all previous donors from the funeral and remembrance service
  • Andrew for his inspiraton and tips on blogging.
  • My warmshowers hosts Frances Doherty & Oliver Schwan for their hospitality
  • Neal Williams and his family for the warm welcome

Vielen Dank an:

  • für die Spende, die super Service und die guten Ratschläge
  • die Damen vom Golfclub Mieminger Plateau (Mittwoch Runde –Resi, Christine, Elisabeth, Karin, Maria, Petra, Ursula), die Damen vom Aktivclub Nassereith (Pepe, Christl, Agnes, Gudrun, Andrea, Isolde, Hilde & Midi) so wie Philomena Plattner, Ulli Falbesoner, Jeannette Hausberger, Anna & Paul (meine Enkelkinder), Patrick & Peggy Lazaroms, Lucia Trummer, Helga Tasch, Mike & Barbara Goldemund Coral & Werner Wachter, Guy & Mireille Natus, Günther Hausberger und Sabine Gitterle für ihre Spenden.
  • Meine Bekannte Helga & Helmuth so wie Christel & Helmut fuer ihre Gastfreundschaft

1 Response to Thanks/Danke 2010

  1. Patrick & Peggy says:

    Dear Susan,
    Good luck on your cycle trip! We will follow you on your website.
    We hope you have a magnificient experience and you will be able to donate a nice amount of money to MacMillan. You can be proud of yourself!
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Patrick & Peggy

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