I am finding it extremely difficult to find accomodation with phone numbers on the net. There are plenty of websites with lists of hotels and even B&Bs, but they are intended for booking online and don’t include phone numbers. Obviously, when I arrive at a destination tired on a bike, I won’t want to go from one to another (often miles apart) to ask if they have vacancies and it would make life so much easeir just to look at my list and phone them! On the last big trip I did, I decided after arriving at the second destination at lunchtime already,  that I wasn’t going to book ahead again! So if anyone knows of any accomodation guides with phone numbers, please let me know!

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3 Responses to Accomodation

  1. insidethefall says:

    I’m not sure if you would give hostels a chance but I found out that HI (hostelling International) publishes a nice list of accomodation on their website that includes phone numbers and also tells you if the place has Bicycle storage or not! the link is below

  2. Sue says:

    Thanks, André, for giving me the tip about Google. If I put each place in google maps then on hotels nearby, they actually appear with a telephone number. I do not want to rely on being able to do this with my phone when I am there, so I am spending quite a lot of time transferring the information to lists, but I will feel a lot happier having done that. I have found the page very useful, there B&Bs are actually listed with telephone numbers.

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