2 weeks to go

My planning seems to be making good progress now and I have starting making “to do” lists. I’m getting rather excited.

Until yesterday I hadn’t been cycling since last Friday apart from my usual session on the exercise bike, partly because of bad weather and other commitments and partly because my younger sports-colleagues had advised me not to do too much training (“you don’t train for a marathon by doing a marathon!”).  And after all, last week’s tour was really my self-set test, which I passed with flying colours!

Yesterday was Wednesday. That is normally our ladies cycling night (Aktivclub Nassereith). As the weather didn’t look too promising I turned out to be the only one cycling and didn’t want to go too far afield either, so I decided to do a trip round the village – amazing it was 15 Kilometres and really enjoyable!

This morning I donned my cycle pants and tricot with the intention of cycling to Imst, where I had an appointment with the local newspaper, only to find out that it had started to rain! It wasn’t just drizzle, but really heavy rain and although I thought I should maybe train for bad weather too, I decided to go on the old exercise bike, then have a shower before going to Imst by car. Now I’m sitting here at my computer while the sun is shining – do I go for another trainings run, or not?

The new Nokia N97 mini is absolutely amazing – I can leave my camera, my torch and my MP3 player at home and have a phone and a Sat-Nav. I’ve also signed up for Quick-Office so I can put some of my Excel spreadsheets onto it. The sportstracker is absolutel fantastic, but needs a lot of battery, so I’ve ordered a spare one.

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