Keep losing the WIFI

The WIFI is not very good here – probably because it’s free. I gave up trying to publish my last post last night managed it this morning and wanted to add photos but to no avail.

I found a bike shop in Obernai and Pascal Minni of the Cycl’ Hop was able to sort my gear-change which had been a problem since the first day. He even went for a ride to test it and didn’t want to charge anything!

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2 Responses to Keep losing the WIFI

  1. Coral Wachter says:

    Hi Sue, you’re really fantastic! I hope you are not only acomplishing all your targets, but that you are having fun too.
    Keep it up, we are folowing you on your Blog and it’s really intertesting.

    Love Coral & Werner

  2. The Kranewitter sisters says:

    Dear Sue, to support your trip, I made a giant bike-tour with my slavedriver Iris, having you on my mind, pursuing your mega-tour to good old England: round the Tschirgant!!!

    The weather was fine, we were covered in sweat, our ass-bones hurt (especially mine!) bute we did it!

    So we hope your muscles have increased, your willpower is unbroken and you won’t be deterred by wind, rain, snow and any gear problems …

    Sporty wishes I & I

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