White roads and bends

“White roads” (that’s the colour on the map) are D-roads, so are “yellow roads”, but I like white roads better because there is less traffic. Somtimes this means more distance but that’s OK.
There are so few bends in this part of France that every one is signposted – that would cost a fortune in Austria. There are plenty of vertical bends – that of course means uphills and downhills. You can see a long way and know that after the exhilerating downhill ride you must keep enough momentum and change gear in time to get up the other side! it’s like the wine quarter of lower Austria – all the villages are at the bottom of the hill and you have to go up afterwards!

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1 Response to White roads and bends

  1. Günther Hausberger says:

    Liebe Sue!
    Wir sind beindruckt uns wünschen weiterhin viel Spass.
    Wir waren eine Woche in Zadar mit Werner und Zdenka. Das Wetter und das Wasser war schön. Grüße von Werner und Zdenka.
    Liebe Grüße
    Maria und Günther

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