Almost there

The first stage in England was again not easy:
From the youth hostel at the top of the Telscome cliffs I had to go along a dirt road between the cows and carefully push my bike through enormous puddles whillst gently treading round them. Otherswise I would have had to go all the way back to Newhaven. I reached the road to be met by – guess what? – a head on wind! If anyone had told me yesterday, that it could be stronger than the Normandy ones, I woudn’t have beleived them. But it was so strong that it nearly blew me off my bike twice and I as was right next to a busy road, I was quite scared and ended up pushing even downhill. I had almost decided to catch a train from Brighton to Worthing but then, although the wind was still as strong, it was better because the route was at sea-level and no longer on the cliffs. It was still very slow going and, with various involuntary detours due to bad signposting, I didn’t get to Elmsworth until after 8 p.m. By this time it was starting to get dark and I rigged up my lights with elastic bands and put on my warning vest over the rucksack. The last stage from just before Chichester was fairly well signposted but it was alongside an A-road – sometimes on the pavement, sometimes a narrow cycle lane and sometmes completely on the road – not very nice! The original intention had been to reach Hayling Island, but neither I nor Anna (who will be accompanying me tomorrow) could find a vacant room there – quite as well as it would have been too far! Unfortunately this makes the last stage longer, so I hope we won’t keep everyone waiting TOO long!

Tour stats: 95,51 Km., 204 hm.,7:55:23 bike-time

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