Aches & Pains

Fortunately I only fell off my bike twice, both times off the road up onto the pavement and neither time did I injure myself. A couple of times my bike fell over, while I was standing astride it, trying to put on or take off a jacket, which was painful, but didn’t cause any serious damage neither to Bonny-TREK nor to me.

I did injure myself on leaving the bathroom in the hotel in Villers-Cotteret. There was a small step, which was not marked. The first 2 times it wasn’t too bad, but after the 3rd, where I banged my arm & leg quite badly I hung my bright yellow safety vest up near to the bathroom door.

In addition to that I had ant-bites (after sitting in their nest), sunburn due to too little sun cream and the odd headache due to too little water.

The saddle soreness was virtually non-existant thanks to my deer-suet (Hirschtalg) cream and I hardly felt my leg muscles at all. Sometimes my neck and back were a bit stiff, but on those days I seemed to be lucky and get a room with a bath!

So all in all I am very satisfied with my physical condition during the trip.

Today, 2 days later, I cricked my neck and the skin around my lips is sore!

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