Day 5 – Sutz-Chables

After the beautiful run down the Aare, today was not nice.

I did see quite a bit of Lake Bieler, but when I left that it was all on concrete roads between fields in the blazing sun. It reminded me of my trip in the “Weinviertel” a couple of years ago.

I kept on thinking  “You’ll soon see Lake Nêuchatel”, but it didn’t come and didn’t come. I had been planning to eat my lunch beside the lake, but gave up at 3 and sat on a bench in the shade in a very ordinary place. Then it went downhill. I thought “Ah, to the Lake” and there was at least a glimpse, before the cycle track disappeared into the forest. It was a slightly more pleasant run after that, but with very few glimpses of the lake.

When I finally got to Estervayer-le-Lac I went down the beatiful cobbled streets to the Lake and had an ice-cream, not knowing that I had a 150 m. climb ahead of me to the farm I was staying at.

When I finally arrived exhausted after pushing up the sttp hill. I was made very welcome by the parents of my Warmshowers Host, Ursula and Christian. Their son, Domonique arrived a few mintes later from work and Urusla cooked us a lovely meal with a glass of wine.

Unfortunately they didn’t have wifi, so I couldn’t post my blog, but was allowed to use the computer for emails.

Next mornig there was a typically  swiss breakfast of bread and jam (both homemade).

Thanks Ursula, Christian & Dominique.

Tour stats: 79,17 km. approx 420 m. climb, 5:21 bike time

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