Day 7 – Geneva (and back)

Today should have been my free day, but Peter decided to come and visit me, arriving yesterday afternoon and leaving tomorrow morning, so it seemed better and nicer to have my day off with him. So I cycled to Geneva and came back here to Morges by train, as I would like to see Lausanne and it is so nice here for swimming in the lake. I was very tempted to leave this bit out, but I ‘m so glad I did it as it was a lovely run. It was not beside the lake very often, but there were frequent glimpses of it and often quite spectacular views.  The route took me through vineyards and quaint little villages, which one normally wouldn’t see. Unfortunately I can’t post photos from this computer at the campsite (the WIFI here isn’t working on my phone).

However the signposting wasn’t as good as I’ve been getting used to and I did quite a few detours and it was very undulating (I love that word), which was OK without luggage, although it was VERY hot. By the time I got to Geneva I was exhausted, so I went straight to the station (without even stopping for a beer or an ice-cream) and got on the first train back. Actually that was a bit hairy – there was a long queue in the ticket office and I didn’t think I would manage the ticket machine, so I queued. When I finally had the tickets I asked whether all trains would take my bike, as I thought I had just missed the intended one. He says “it leaves in 2 minutes”, so I rushed to the platform and as the dooor closed I opened it again, not realising that the doors had ALL been closed for departure! I was just getting on the train with my bike when it started to drive off. Fortunately I got on OK, but it could have been a disaster!

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