Leg 13 – I made it!

It was another beautiful day, lovely to be accompanied by my friends and great to just follow blindly. Gudrun had chosen the route and we cycled a beautiful stretch, which I would never have discovered alone. Wolfgang covered the rear and made sure we had 3 (yes, THREE) breaks, one for coffee, one for lunch and one for ice-creams. There was time for all this despite the 100 kilometres. because we didn’t have to search for signs etc. The Spreewald is so beautiful – it made it worth all the effort! We were here by 5 p.m. and just had time to take the photos before the rain came – accompanied by thunder and lightning, of course.

Sunday 3rd August, Lübben-Strausberg, 100,25 km., 149 m. climb, 6:06:01 bike-time

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