First destination reached

I had planned a short day today, to acclimatise after yesterday’s long journey. The scenery was really beautiful. The weather was better than I expected, mostly sunny, some wind and nearly no rain. There was a little drizzle as I left the B&B, then a brief shower when I was in the town of Wick and could easily shelter. With only 3 kilometres left to go a heavy shower came and I got a bit wet, as it wasn’t worth putting raingear on.

I was very lucky today. I had taken the front wheel off yesterday and obviously not tightened it up properly. I felt the wobbling when I was on a flat bike path, having before just done a descent on a road! A bit later I thought I felt wobbling again, so I stopped in Wick to ask for a bike-shop, because tomorrow is Sunday and I’m out at the back of beyond a lot of the time. I thought maybe it had been damaged in transport. I was given instructions but told, “he usually closes early on Saturdays”. I said I’d try anyway. When I got to the bike-shop there was a notice saying “for bike spares and repairs, ask at the main shop on the corner.”, so I went there and it was a toyshop, with a sign saying OPEN and another one saying “for toys ask at the bakers next door”. The door was locked, but there was an old lady in there When I went into the bakers, the old woman came through a gap in the wall and I asked her if there was anyone there who repaired bikes. She replied “yes he’s here.” A customer who was waiting at the counter said, “he’s just gone to make up some rolls”!!! When it was my turn, I asked him “Are you the bike man?” and he said yes!!! He looked at my front wheel but said it’s OK.

54,2 Km., 403 metres climb, 4:54 total time, 3:51 bike time (the rest was spent taking photos – including at “the sign”, making adjustments’ etc.)

Gesendet von meinem Windows 10 Phone

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