Side wind, head-on wind, tail wind

The day started with eggs, lovingly cooked by my wonderful hostess, Claire.

I left just after 9 and again let Teasi do his own thing. The route started quite hilly, but this is always fine ib the morning. It soon flattened out onto the Somerset levels, which are indescribably beautiful – wide expanses of green, as far as the eye can see. The only thing that spoilt my enjoyment was the wind. It was coming from the west, so strong and cold, that my right ear started to hurt and I had to stop and put a headband on. It being a windy road meant I sometimes had to cycle into the wind and on rarer occasions, I was lucky to have it behind me. By the time i got to Taunton, where the route took me along another towpath, which was fortunately smoothly surfaced, I was cycling due west, which was really a struggle. Teasi took me around in a few circles in Taunton, when i failed to comprehend his unstructions, then because he wasn’t on a set route, I just used my intuition, which he followed with very little complaint and soon ee were in harmony once more.

I knew the last part would be hilly, but this turned out to be tougher than expected. It’s always harder at the end of the day and i must admit to pushing a couple of times.

As promised i phoned my hosts a little while before arrival and a few inutes later, i was surprised when a cyclist came towards me and said, “hello I’m Paul”. He had come to meet me and guide me to his house. His wofe, Anne, cooked us a lovely meal and we had an entertaining evening, whilst enjoying the food and a bottle of wine.

I’m about to start the last fifth of my tour, which many people say is the hardest and while I have a little respect, I’m looking forward to Devon and Cornwall. I’m also starting to feel a bit sad, that this will soon be over.

Torstats day 16 – Kingston Seymour to Greenham 104 km., 690 m. ascent, approx 8 hrs. bike-time, 9 hrs. total

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