Day 2 – Saturday 4th September, Ebbs-Jettenbach

Yesterday was boring, today it certainly wasn’t. It started off with a big climb (aren’t I supposed to be going DOWN the Inn?), followed by a gentle ride down the Prien valley. Shortly after Aschau I was cycling on a local road, when I came came towards a bridge with only one lane for traffic. There was a pickup truck in front of me and before that a tractor and trailer was reversing to let the cars come across the other way. Then the car started to reverse too, straight into me! I was really in shock and turned quite hysterical. I shouted at the driver. He was SO concerned. He finally said he had to make a delivery and would come back in 20 minutes. In the meantime I should sit on a bench and I had to promise not to set off again before he got back. After a while I took all the luggage off and tried the bike out. It seemed Ok, so I was just reloading it when he came back. He accompanied me on foot across the bridge, as I was too scared to cycle over it, then he followed me to a nearby Gasthaus, where I was going to have a coffee, to check I was really alright. Unfortunately the Gasthaus was closed, so we said our goodbyes and off I went again. But, oh dear, I soon noticed a disturbing noise coming from the front wheel and I decided to have it looked at when I reached Priem. I googled a bike shop, but that was closed on Saturday afternoon, but there was a bike rental and I headed there. The lady was VERY unfriendly and said she needed the mechanic for their bikes, but after some pleading and arguing, she finally said I should go round the back and ask him. The mechanic said no way would he let me go on such a long journey without sorting out the problem and he tightened up the front wheel and replaced the brake disc, which was bent. After that everything went quite smoothly, but it was a lot hillier than I expected and it was quite a suspense, whether my battery would last! Despite all this, I arrived here at my Warmshowers hostess only 5 minutes later than I had told her to expect me and was made most welcome.

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