Cycle trip Nassereith-Christchurch for Macmillan

On 12th August 2010 I want to cycle from my home in the Tyrol to the Macmillan Unit in Christchurch, UK in aid of Macmillan Caring Locally and in honour of my Dad, Donald Hilton Wright, who died on 19th January this year. It will take me between 2 and 3 weeks to do the 800 miles (1200 Kilometers). Of course I am hoping for lots of sponsors for this trip. See Donations page to find out what your donation will buy, or contribute to.

I will keep you posted on my progress right here.

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8 Responses to Cycle trip Nassereith-Christchurch for Macmillan

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi! Good luck with the blog – it looks great so far! 🙂

  2. insidethefall says:

    Wow, It’s as if I was looking at my own blog! Very classy format 😉 I’m excited for you, it seems like you have some very deep motivations and meaning for your journey. I’m kinda doing the reverse to what you’re doing as I’m starting out in northern Scotland where eventually I’ll pass through the Tyrol (Via Claudia Augusta) into Italy with my final destination being Rome. Good luck Susan, I’ll be following your blog!


    • Sue says:

      Hi Bill!
      Wow – the Via Claudia Augusta goes right through our village! Maybe we can meet up! Good luck with your trip too. I’ll look at your blog too! Sue

      • insidethefall says:

        This sounds great, that is if you are not on your trip at the same time. I look forward to meeting my fellow cyclists – I’ll be following your blog !!


  3. Andre says:

    hi mum,

    really like the blog!!! just visited for the first time. it will be exciting to see your updates from on the road!!! (no excuses 😉

    one of my work colleagues is on his way around the world – or at least around europe for the start with no fixed shedule – for sure also interesting to watch:

    we are back in stantiago – speak soon.

  4. Monika Lechner says:

    Hi Sue, Great I wish you all the best, we see us soon.

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