First changes to route

I’ve made one or two changes to the route (see itinerary – I need a few more days to redo the map), as I have found out that accomodation is much more expensive in the larger towns. As far as possible I want to follow the rivers – e.g. Moselle and Marne. Also I’ve decided to cut off the extra 40 Kilometers of going via Sarrebourg, be brave and go over the Col du Donon. I have allowed myself 2 rest days, but I will take them when I need them and not neccessarily on the 19th and 23rd. If I need more, no problem, my absolute deadline is 5th September and if I’ve not managed it by then, I never will! I know I say 800 miles on my post and we only have 714 here, but experience tells me that it will be more – you often take a detour – sometimes accidentally, on other occasions deliberately – for a quick swim, sightseeing or even just looking for a restarant or a shop to buy food!

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