Gaichtpass or easy way?

Today as training I tried the old Gaicht Pass – that’s part of the first leg on gravel – without luggage. It was very tough. I managed to stay on the bike most of the time, but I’ll probably end up pushing considerably more, if I go this way with luggage. I’m still wondering whether it might be better  to go the 10 Kilometers or more longer but easier way or whether to take the new Gaicht Pass (road) – there was a lot of traffic – mostly motorbikes- there today, because it was Sunday – it may be better during the week.

It was a great day – the 30°C in the shade didn’t bother me much because of the wind – I did 76 Km (about 50 miles) and 600 hM (1500 ft. altitude).  That’s my longest stretch this year, due to bad weather etc., but I have a very good feeling and am really looking forward to the tour.

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