3 weeks to go

I finally managed the magical 100 Kilometers (in fact 113 = 70 miles) and over 1700 meters = (5600 ft.) elevation. I had originally intended doing 3 passes – Hahntennjoch, Namlos & Fernpaß , but I hadn’t reckoned with the midday sun. Despite having set out at 7 a.m. , I reached Stanzach at 1 p.m. without stopping for lunch. As Namloser Sattel is completely without shade I thought it would be rather foolish to go that way, so I took the longer way round through the Lechtal, which was very pleasant. By the time I got home I’d been in the saddle for 9,5 hours (having had to shelter from a thunderstorm I was out of the house for over 11 hours) and fell asleep immediately after dinner! But I definitely feel that I have passed the test!

Here is the second half of the trip, recorded with my new N 97 mini.STScreenshot

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