More Preparations

Despite a bad weather forcast, the sun was shining yesterday morning, so three of us set off on our annual cycle trip, which should have been 3 days in the Ötz Valley and which we had aready postponed from June due to bad weather then. We cycled for about 2 hours, by which time it was pouring with rain, with no hope of improvement (it is still raining now), so my husband came to collect us by car and trailer.  If this happens to me in August, I may postpone my trip by a day or have a day off in between, but I really intend to go through with it. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, that it won’t be quite so bad!

Bacause of the bad weather, I spent most of today working on elevation profiles. This is a rather difficult task and you can’t get it really true unless you cycle it first or find someone else’s information. On the internet you do find altitudes of towns and some villages, but there may well be hills in between!!!

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