4 days to go

Today I had a day off from cycling and planning and spent it with my husband on our golfcourse. We played 18 holes, walked a total of almost 10 kilometers and also had to think about the swing………

The weather was VERY mixed – we unpacked and donned our rain-apparel several times and put it back…….

It would be ideal cycling weather……

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6 Responses to 4 days to go

  1. Wonderful views – I am surprised you want to come over here at all!!

  2. Gillie Winfield says:

    Hi Sue

    Good luck – I work with Neal for MCL

    Rather you than me and yes your part of Austria looks fabulous

  3. André says:

    Mum…!!?? sounds like you are only going for the good cause 😉
    Readers be assured my mum loves the UK and even defends the food.

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