Den Druck spüren – Feeling the Pressure

English below.

Ich schreibe zuerst in Deutsch, weil mein Blogstatistik zeigt, dass so viele in den letzten Tagen hineingeschaut haben – vermutlich wegen den Zeitungsartikeln. Danke! Jetzt spüre ich natürlich den Druck, aber ich werde mein Möglischstes tun, um euch nicht zu enttäuschen! Haltet mir bitte die Daumen, dass alles gut geht!

With only 3 days to go I am starting to feel the pressure, as there have been articles in all our local newspapers and I am now on the front page of the Macmillan Website! I will do all possible not to disappoint you. Please cross your fingers for me, that all goes well.

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3 Responses to Den Druck spüren – Feeling the Pressure

  1. We have complete faith in you!
    Good luck.

  2. sharon cudlip says:

    you are an inspiration!
    please know that you are making a difference
    thank you

  3. Jo Field says:

    Hi Sue, I am one of the Community Palliative Care Sisters from Mac Unit. I think what you are doing is amazing and an inspiration to everyone.
    Good luck for Thursday and I shall certainly be following your blog from now on.

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