2 days left (well 1 day and 2 nights)

Today I didn’t do anything dramatic – lots of little jobs in preparation. It’s amazing how many there are of them to do! I was going to cycle this afternoon, but I stayed at home to wait for my parcel as if I hadn’t been here to sign for it, the driver would have taken it away again – my new apparel supplied by Trek, thanks to Stefan Berggren, who used to work with my Dad on the international standards committee. It arrived in less tha a week! I’ll try and find time for a foto tomorrow.  The afternoon seemed to be taken up with phone-calls and visiting. Also with my son André’s help I’m trying to set my phone up for internet phoning (VOIP). I didn’t even find time to blog until now. I also received several donations and emails wishing me luck. Many thanks again to all (see thank-you page).

This evening was spent saving all the planned stops with Ovi Maps in my new Nokia N97 mini, so that I can find the lodgings more easily when I get there.

I am really looking forward to the trip.

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4 Responses to 2 days left (well 1 day and 2 nights)

  1. Bill says:

    Susan GOOD LUCK!! you’ll do great, You have prepared much more than I have so you’re in excellent shape for the journey…My best wishes and thoughts go out to you – Hopefully i’ll see you on my trek!


  2. Thinking about you tomorrow!
    Good luck and above all have fun.

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