Arrived safely 2nd target

Today was VERY, VERY hard. I had let myself be persuaded to take a bike-route instead of the minor roads I was planning to travel on. Helmuith, my host from the first night, accompanied me for the 1st 10 Kilometres. Apparently the route was well signposted, so I thought the extra 20 kilometers would save me searching all the while. HOWEVER it was NOT well signposted and I spent a lot of time looking. I went in completely the wrong direction twice (I don’t have a compass and the sun was not shining) and both times it was UPHILL!!! When I got to Lindau, I asked 5 people (most of them on bicycles) and no-one could tell me where the Bodesee (Lake Constance) cycle path was!

After cycling on a fairly busy road I finally found it in the next village, but I must have miscalculated and that part was further than I had expected, so I ended up cycling 120 Kilometers and nearly fell asleep in the saddle. I think I would have given up earlier if I hadn’t planned to spend the night with Peter (my husband) in a hotel in Immenstaad! However I survived even though I was “streichfähig” as they say in German, but being extremely hungry (I had only had a light lunch) stopped me from going to bed straight away!

Trip stats :120,75 km, 663m. Elevation, 8:00 on the saddle, 10 times asking for directions, total trip time 10 1/2 hours

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  1. Liz Moncada says:

    All the best! we are following your blog and we are very very proud of you! so keep it up and we will see you soon! 🙂 love and kisses

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