Arrived safely at 1st target – Blaichach

View from the Gaichtpass

Just spent quite a while writing 2 posts


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Two day later:

I left the Ferpaß in pouring rain. 

I missed the turning on the cycle path at Lermoos and went through the centre of the village. That was good as I found they have a public toilet – clean and free- much better than going behind the bushes in the pouring rain! It stopped raining just after this and stayed dry until Schattwald at the end of the beuatiful Tannheimertal. The climb over the Gaichtpass had proved relatively easy with very little traffic, mostly cars only 2 small lorries and 4 motorbikes coming the other way. The only snag was that the sun decided to shine exactly for the duration of the climb! The last hour was alos in torrential rain, so I arrived at my friends looking like a bedragled poodle.

I think I was to be really tested on the first day. Despite the weather I enjoyed it very much and arrived to a warm welcome at the home of my aquaintances Helga and Helmuth. There was a very warm welcome and I had a VERY good night’ sleep. I was in bed by 10!!!

Trip stats: 84,06 Kms., 734 hm. 6:02:10 in the saddle (total time 9:15)

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3 Responses to Arrived safely at 1st target – Blaichach

  1. Anna says:

    I think it may be a rainy journey generally we have rain today in the UK and there is more to come according to the forcast 😦 Look forward to your next update from along the route! Anna

  2. Jo Field says:

    Well done Sue, keep going despite the rain! Easy for me to say, I’m inside!

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