Arrived 3rd destination safely

I am in Villingen instead of the planned Bräunlingen, as I finally decided to join warmshowers and had an invitation to stay with Oliver and Polyana. This meant cycling 100 Kilometers instead of the originally planned 91, but I’m glad I did it. It was a wonderful day, first cycling along Lake Constance, then along quiet roads and cycle tracks. There was a fair climb too, but I really enjoyed it. Here I received a very warm welcome from my warmshowers hosts. They had invited a female friend, Karo, who is a keen cyclist and did a very unusual raclette. I wanted to buy a bottle of wine, but Olli insisted on opening one of his, even though neirher of them drink wine! Needless to say, Karo and I managed to finish it off. then I collapsed into bed again tired but very happy.

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2 Responses to Arrived 3rd destination safely

  1. Gillie Winfield says:

    I am exhausted just keeping up with your experiences! Your family must be very proud and no doubt anxious. Take care, looking forward to the next instalment
    Gillie MCL

  2. André says:

    hello from chile
    really cool fotos – thanks for sharing. we are checking regularly and are always really curious for updates.
    i was telling liz about the concept of warmshowers & or couchsurfer and find it very interesting and good that you joined and had a good time. i never did it myself but had read about it too.

    – liz & andre

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