Stage 4 succesfully completed

Today was a very interesting experience: Olli and Polyana accompanied me for the first 2,5 kilometres to make sure I was on the right path, then I set off through the woods. I wondered why I was making such slow progress, then I looked at the altimeter and realised I was cycling uphill, very gradually. The wet forest floor and my 20 kilos of luggage obviously made this more noticable. Eventually I found I had climbed 250 meters, then it was a thrilling ride downhill, before a stretch on the almost flat, then back up again………….. However, after that it was 20 kilmetres downhill, before the final ups and downs of the Black Forest. I had to push 3 or 4 times and my shoulder started to ache because of the weight of the luggage! The 50 Kilometres turned out to be almost 60. At this rate I’m going to be totalling about 1500!

This is only after the first 9,? Kilometres, when I decided to switch Sportstracker on. I don’t have it on all the time, because it uses too much battery.

Trip stats 59,23 Kms., 720 hm. 4:24:05 in the saddle.


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2 Responses to Stage 4 succesfully completed

  1. Jo Field says:

    Your stamina is outstanding, I definitely think a glass (or two) of wine is well deserved!
    I am loving the beautiful pictures coming through.

  2. Sabine says:

    Hallo Susan, in Gedanken bin ich oft bei dir!
    Einfach phänomenal, was du leistest.
    Weiterhin toi, toi, toi!!

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