Facts, figures and food

As I told you yesterday I am half way – in Bar-le-Duc as planned. According to my original calculations (using both Michelin and Google maps) this should have been 604 kms.= 380 miles. i did know from past experience that this was likely to be 10-20% more due to looking for hotels, searching for the way etc. But in actual fact it has turned out to be 25% more – 754 kms=470 miles. As I said, it seems easier to follow the correct route on French roads so maybe it will be less now. More figues: total elevation to date 5174 m.= 16975 feet,total time in saddle 50 hours 19 minutes and 30 seconds.
I am up so early again because they have one of those plastic matress protectors that makes you perspire – such a shame as it is a very comfy bed. Now I realise that I forgot to ask what time breakfast is served – at 7 or at 8. Most places it is 8 especially at weekends. The french breakfast is very poor anyway – only once did I see any fruit and usually it is as I used to remember a continental breakfast – 1 piece of bagutte, one croissant, butter and jam (those little packets), if you are lucky there is sometimes a hard boiled egg or a LITTLE bit of ham and/or cheese and/or one of thos small joghurts. it costs about € 7. Because of my gluten-free diet I am glad I broght so much stuff with me – my luggage is getting lighter every day.
The evening meal however is excellent – last night I had soup, steak & chips, cheese and sweet all for €10,50

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