12th destination

Yesterday really was an easy day. I stayed at Fran’s all morning and did some washing. I also caught up on my blog, uploading photos with the use of her laptop. Then I succeeded in finding a bed for last night- allbeit at a youth hostel 8 Kms. from Newhaven and unsuccessfully tried to find some accommodation for tomorrow. After a lunch with Fran and a couple of her friends she insisted on helping me push the bike up to the top of her garden to save me going up the steep hill, then it was uphill just a little and the rest downhill. I was at the ferry in plenty of time to buy my ticket, look around the town and go for a coffee before reporting back an hour before departure. (Tour stats include this, of course)
I cheated a bit by accepting a lift up to the hostel in the dark and rain, which I am sure you will understand (see “Encounters”).

Trip stats: 30,03 Kms., 214 hm., 2:08:14 bike-time

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