Whether the weather be fine

whether the weather be not,
whenever it’s not raining it is very, very hot,
whenever you climb hills, the sun is showing,
if not that, a gale force headwind is blowing.

On this trip I have all kinds od weather – starting with the 1st day: as you know I set off in pouring rain, then it dried up, the sun came out as I went up my first pass and went in again when I reached the top, it rained again quite heavily for the final part. On the 4th day there was a strong wind (or so I thought before I experienced the Normandy winds) on the middle part of the trip and it rained heavily for the last part, then I had a day off because it rained all day. There were a couple of days with blue sky. On day 10 it was extremely hot and I got sunburned all on my left side because I was travelling west. I had put suncream on my arms and legs but forgotten my neck and ears. Apart from that I had ideal cycling weather – varied cloud, some sun and the odd shower.
That was until day 12 when the wind started shortly before my destination – St. Omer and on day 13 when I was travelling from east to west again and it was almost impossible to cycle.
I started this post on the ferry and have since been greeted in Newhaven by heavy rain. I wonder what the next 2 days will be like! Hail? Snow? Only joking!

2 days later – the weather was again very mixed with sunshine, rain and heavy winds!

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