Geneva, Marseille or Barcelona?

I have been planning another trip for a while, but I’ve kept quite about it until now because I have been so unsure this time. Now I’ve finally decided to go in August. Where to? I am going to Lake Constance and through Switzerland via Zurich and definitely want to get as far as Lake Geneva, where I went with my parents 50 years ago and from there it is easiest to get home by train, but my ambition is to go further than those 600 Kilometers. I’ve never been to the South of France nor to Spain. My dream target would be Barcelona (1600 km. and the return involves a ferry to Genoa) but I would also be more than happy to reach Marseille (1200 km. and “only” a 27 hour train journey home) so I am leaving my options open.
Due to family visits, holidays etc. I haven’t done much training yet, but I am determined to go ahead with it, as I have now reached the ripe old age of 60 and fear I won’t be able to do this kind of thing much longer!

I would love to make it a sponsored trip for Macmillan and any contibutions would be welcome on my Just Giving account.

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