Day 1 – Arlberg-Romanshorn

The weather turned out to be just like the original forecast – dry and sunny all day. I finally got away from the Arlberg at 9:45 and reached Feldkirch at around 12:45 after a lovely run down from the Arlberg. It was nearly all on perfectly signposted cycle paths through the forest and next to a river. Obviously it was to early for an overnight stop so I decided to press on to Romanshorn
I cycled around Feldkirch trying to find the signs. When I finally did, I almost immediately lost them again and went about 2 kilometres in the wrong direction before turning round.
When I finally foumd the right route, it was badly signposted and on a dirt track through the woods, where lorries passed leaving a dust-cloud behind them. I think the cycle path had been diverted due to construction work along the Rhine, which would explain the bad signposting.
Then all at once I was in the open and there was a head on wind which despite the downhill tendency slowed my progress considerably. After passing several lovely campsites on the lake I finally reached the youth hostel around 7 p.m. and immediately regretted my decision not to camp. The reception was on the second floor as was my room, and the showers on the gound floor, which meant several jouurnies up and down for my tired legs. I feld like a prisoner as she handed my bedding and of course I had to make up my bed in the shared dorm before going out for a well earned meal!
Total distance 135 kilometres – bike time 7 hrs 33 mins. I’m not exactly sure of the climb as I had zeroed the computer at home instead of on the pass, so it had included the metres done in the car.

The start – Arlberg

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