Day 2 – Romanshorn-Duebendorf

Today started badly as I followed the instructions of trhe warden and took the wrong cycle route, then spent some time searching in thre next town. This meant about 5 uneccesary kilometres. After I finallly got on the 5, I found it extremey well signposted and only lost it twice, fortunaly discovering my mistake pretty soon. Again it was a beautiful rum, this time parts on quiet roads through peaceful villages and other parts off-road. I just found out I didn’t take any photos, so here is another two from yesterday.
It was a pleasant suprise which I don’t really understand that the total distance was less than the planned 106 despite having gone wrong.Isa, my first warm showers host on this trip, came to meet me and she and Rebecca made me so welcome. After dinner we went for a walk and I took them out for a drink. Isa even did my washing for me – 2 days cycling gear after not washing in the youth hostel. Thanks Isa and Rebecca!
Tour stats 94,87 kilometres, 611 metres climb, 6:45 bike time.

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