Day 3 – Duebendorf-Oftringen

Isa accompanied me for about 10 kilometres to show me the way back to the route 5. She had hardly left me when I went wrong for the first time because of bad signpostng due to road works. Then it was excellent as far as Baden. There I had to get off my bike because of a small boy running in front of me. Of course I would have cycled all the way up the steep cobblestoned hill, wouldn’t I? However it is a beautiful old town. Once at the top I came out to a busy road, which had a cycle lane but was none the less a bit scary. When I saw the signs to leave the main road I turned right and went up the hill first cycling then pushing – 18% as I found out when I came back down – till I faced the fact that I was definitely wrong..After turning right I should have turmed immediately left and this small mistake added about 7 kilometers to te trip and cost a lot of substance.
According to my plan it should hae been 106 kilometers to my target Solothurn, where another warm showers host was expecting me, but after 100 I was still 40 away, so gave up and found a campsite. To make matters worse, after I had been told where to find a site en route I had to go through Olten, where there was an enormous festival going on. I don’t know how I managed to get through the crowds and find my way back to the cycle route!

Tourstats: 100,82 km. 461 metres climb, 7:13 bike time.

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  1. roberta glynis lopez says:

    Never Mind Sue you will do a good job just take care Love Glynis XXXx

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