Day 4 – Oftringen-Sutz

Today I completed my journey to Solothurn, where I looked for Nicole, who would normally have hosted me last night. Unfortumately we weren’t able to connect, but there was an event going on right near her house so I had a healthy sporter’s lunch of beer and chips!
After lunch I contiimued on the 5 as far as lake Biel, where I put my tent up at 3 p.m. After doing my washing I had some more healthy biker’s food – an ice cream – before going for a swim. The minute I got in the water it started to rain. It was no problem that I got wet, but my washing was all hung out to dry!
None the less it was a lovely relaxing day – nearly all along the Aare – absolutly beautifull!

Tour stats: 73,45 km. 140 metres climb 4:45 bike time.

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1 Response to Day 4 – Oftringen-Sutz

  1. Roberta says:

    Hi sue, doing great girl all the best love Glynis XXXX

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