Day 10 – Murs to Cognin-les-Gorges

Today I was late getting away AGAIN because my washing wouldn’t dry and the tent was wet inside due to condensation. It hadn’t rained, it’s just so hot in the day and cold at night.
When I finally did set off I was pleasantly surprised to find a cycle route, but it wasn’t long before it confused me so much that I went back to roads.
Then I had to keep stopping: first for a cash machine, then for tourist information, then for food shopping and several times to check directions or change my washing, which I was drying on the back of my bike. I also stopped twice to check my tires. I was a little worried as I had been cycling  for a week without checking them. Why twice? I first stopped at a filling station, but he said he had no air, but told me there was a blue place on the right down the road. I begqn to think I hqd misunderstood him, when lo and behold, a tyre centre with a blue sign appeared on the right hand side – allbeit for car tyres; but they were very friendly and checked my tyres for me. They didn’t want to take any money either! So I didn’t get as far as I had hoped. When I went into the tourist office (which was still open shortly before 6) at Vinay, my originally planned destination, the girl said the (farm)campsite I was looking for was partway up the mountain and noone was answering the phone, so she suggested another one “just over the river”. I liked the sound of that, but the Isére is in such a deep canyon that it meant another climb and no river in sight!
When I arrived it was also farm camping wth no beer, no food and no swimming pool. The pool I had seen on entering turned out to be private!
I made do with ANOTHER litre of water, saw to my laundry, set up the tent, went for a shower and went to the little bar in the village for something to eat. When I got there at 8 it was closed (I had been told 9) and no restaurant in the village! So I went back to the campsite and rang the bell. I asked the lady if she could sell me something and she made me a big cold-platter with home-grown salad and bread. It was really good, though  I would have eaten anything, but again no hot meal!
The route was lovely although VERY hilly. I made a deliberate detour to go along a lake and cut a bit of climb on a busy road in the hot sun. Tour stats for today: 84.09 km. 652 m. climb. 6:35 bike time (9 hors total)

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