Day 9 – Geneva-Murs et Gelinieux

Today I had to leave a city again – always difficult. Despite the satnav on my phone, a city cycle map and advice from my hostess, I managed to end up going around in circles. I had foumd a cycle route named Rhone and thought it must be mine, but which direction? Looking at the map and the sun I went one way, then turned aroud and went the other. Finally it suddenly turned into a very bumpy single track. On turning round I met a schoolteacher with his class., who said no that is not suitable for your bike. I should go on the cycle lane near the road for another 10 Kilometers. This must have taken about an hour! It was, on the whole, a very pleasant day, except for the heat: straight or flat was pleasant with the breeze, but going up the slightest incline in the sun, was awful. On reaching my orginal destination, Belley, I went to the tourist office and was told that the next campsite was 17 kilometres as I had feared (actually 20.) However I preferred to do this than stay in a hotel in the town. On arrival I had a beer and a swim, did my washing and had a shower. At 8: 55 I went for a meal and waited 10 minutes only to be told that the kitchen was closed. I managed to get a big salad with ham, cheese and egg with bread and even got a scrumptious ice-cream. Tour stats: 111.57 km, 648 hm climb, 7:36 bike time.

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  1. lionel et maud says:

    A demain !

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