Day 13 – Bourg-Avignon

My stert was bitty again, as I stopped in the village for 2 important things: a map and cash, neither of which I felt happy without. The gentleman last night had told me to go to the tabaconnist, where I really found a perfect map – not the one I was looking for as they now have different numbers, but covering today and tomorrow. I have a suitable one for the next stage. This really was a godsend. I knew the cycle rout ran parallel and fairly close to the river, but that it was slightly further souith that it recommenced. After crossing the river I turned right onto an unsignposted road, knowing that it was going in the right direction, but just hopinng it wouldn’t fizzle out, which would have meant turning bace. But no – first it got worse, then better and all at once it was signposted V2. I followed this until it again ended (there are only bits complete), then I worked out a route with my new map,which took me down quiet cointry lanes to Avignon. I didn’t get lost or go wrong once!
When I was due for my break, I stopped at the side of a lake. I couldn’t resist going for a swim and after lunch another one. This was great and made the afternoon much easier.
I had expected to take an expensive hotel in the town, as I thought the campsites would be too far out, but there was oe just on the Rhone within sight of the famous “Pont”. They offered an inexpensive meal at the campsite which I partook of looking ove the river, the pont and the old town. After dinner I strolled over to see the nicest and most well-preservd town I’ve ever seen! Tour stats for today 70,6 km., 145 m. climb, 4,53 bike time.

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