Day 15 -Le Grau de Roi-Frontignan Plage

Today I decided to have an easier day – splitting 2 days into 3, instead not having a rest day (what would I do with it, except wash and look for a computer?). I actually managed to sleep a little bit longer, then I packed most of my stuff and left all the oopen bags outside the tent, leaving the tent to air while I went for a wash. I was just putting my makeup on, when I heared something like rain. I went outside and it really was, so everything went back in the tent and I decided to have breakfast on site, as I hadn’t seen anywhere to buy anything. When I asked for petit dejeurner, I was told I had to buy my food at the supermarket (the manager showed me where it is) and they would make me the coffee! The tent had to be packed away damp and I finally got away about 11.
Isn’t it amazing what a good meal and a night’s sleep can do? The place seemed much more attractive and I cycled along the seafront most of the time. I had lunch on the beach before getting to the part which I wasn’t looking forward to. I thought I had to go a long way round on a busy road, but a kind gentleman showed me the way to a canal where I cycled about 15 kilometres in complete and utter peace.
I stopped even earlier than planned, (I had chosen Séte bcause of the youth hostel there) because I saw a campsite and didn’t want to get to Séte and have the same problem as yesterday. This site is 100 from the beach in a quiet area. So I went and had my first swim in the Mediterranean. It was WARM but very rough. Lovely!

Tour sats: 65.54 km., 33 m. climb, 5:03 bike time.

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