Day 16 – Frontignan-La Nautique

What a good idea to stop in Frontignan:

The 6 Sete was on a busy road with lots of industrial buildings blocking the view to the sea. Sete itself is a big town with lots of traffic. I fought my way through it until I saw signs for Office Tourisme which I never found as I had intuitively gone the right way anyway. This is not as easy as one would think because there are so many inlets and canals to be negotiated.
As soon as I came upon the strip of land to Agde with its 2 lane cycle path, I stopped for my fruit and yoghurt. I had even bought some cornflakes to complete the breakfast. On the endlessly long beach I then found a cafe, where I had a coffee.
Shortly before Cape Agde the cycle path ended and the road was busy, so I followed some other cylists along a gravel road running parallel. After a while this left the main road but I risked continuing and soon found the oblgatory tourist office for a town map. Although I only veered off the correct route slightly, it seemed to take ages to get through Cape Agde and the town of Agde itself. The lady in the tourist office had tod me on leaving the town I could cycle alond the Canal du Midi, which started off as a dirt path, slow going but pleasant cycling. I had hardly got to the paved bit when I had to leave it and strike off south.
I had intended to head for the coast again but changed my mind enroute, as this would have meant a much longer journey next day. I was still feeling good and as I didn’t happen across any accomodation in the small villages I passed through, went all he way to Narbonne. I thought I would stay in a hotel in the town, but had only passed one seedy looking one when I saw the Office de Tourisme, which was still open after 6 p.m. The prices the young man showed me were horrendous. When he asked me how much I was prepared to spend that would have been enough for the seedy one I’d passed, so I decided on luxury camping instead. The 2 kilometres he’d told me turned into over 4, but at least in the right direction.
I’d never even heard of en-suite camping, but the divided off areas all have their own shower and WC. I made time for a beer nd a swim in the pool, before setting my tent up,showering and going for an excellent dinner. At least I had seen Narbonne, which is a lovely town.
Tour stats: 107 km., 230 m. climb, 8 hrs bike time.

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