Day 17 – La Nautique – Corneilla la Riviere

The next stage of my journey meant a slight detour to my next warm showers host, Rainer, who lives 20 km. West of Perpignan. Instead of cycling down the coast, Rainer had suggested I came the more direct route over the hills. I had to go a little way down the coast first, which was absolutely beautiful. There is again a strip of land further out, so it is not the sea proper, there are lots of etangs. Then about 3 kms. along a busy road, then off into the hills. Although the highest point was only about 265 m. above sea level it was very strenuous largely due to strong winds, sometimes head-on, sometimes from the side, only very briefly from behind. There were 3 climbs, not steep but long and 2 exhilerating descents. The third descent was rather spoiled by the side wind, which was in the meantime extremely strong. There was again some beautiful scenery, which I wouldn’t like to have missed. I finally arrived to a warm welcome from Rainer. At last I was able to wash all my clothes properly and they would dry overnight in the attic. Rainer cooked me a lovely dinner and I spent a very enjoyable evening in his company. Well worth the detour, thanks Rainer.

Tour stats: 88,2 km., 617 m. climb, 6:45 bike time.

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1 Response to Day 17 – La Nautique – Corneilla la Riviere

  1. Isolde says:

    Noche, Sue, wo bisch und wie gehats?! I hoff, du packsch es no gut, aber da hon i kuan Kummer. Tua weiter fleißig trete, und tua ins Turnerweiberleit noche alls genau derzehle! Schiane Griaß ausn Brunnwald, Isolde.

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