Day 18 – Corneille de Reviere-Cerbère

What a day! No, it wasn’t a bad day; no, defiinitely not, just a far harder day than I’d expected. I left Rainer at after ten, thinking it ws going to be an easy half-day joyride but had a surprise. He had told me I wouldn’t just want to go to Argeles-sur-Mer, as this was only 40km. and flat. He was right about that – it was not quite as flat as I expected, but FAR more downhill than uphill.
2 years ago I talked about yellow roads nd white roads. Thise time red roads were also involved.
I was told that the yellow road was rather undulated, so had considered taking the red one. Howevr this turned out to be cars only, so the decicion was made for me.
I had hardly set off on the yellow one, when a picnic area suddnely materialised – couldn’t be better – 2 p.m. 50 km. . seaview – time for a break, which I took my time over studying maps etc. Then I set off uphilll and suddenly missed my mobile phone, nearly causing me a heart attack! I turnd round and there was my phone still on the picnic table! Whow, sigh of relief!
Then suddenly the yellow road seemed to end, on the red one bikes were still not allowed and the alterntive was to go up th b*****y mountain on the white one,, which I did!
It involved a clmb of 300m. , of which, I must admit, I pushed a fair bit of, and when I finally got to Bagniols-sur-Mer, I was going to stop for the day. dudn’t really like the town – lots of traffic and the beach full of people, nonetheless I followed the signs “campings” for about 1 km . away from the town, away from the beach and away from the direction I would have to go next day, before turing around and heading for Cerbère – another 10 km. and at least one more climb. When I got there I couldn’t find any mention of a campsite and on asking a waiter, was told “It’s 3 km. back up the hill (the on I’d just come down).
There is no bar and no restaurant at this site, but the receptrionist said there are two 10 minutes walk away. Aftr putting my tent up thirsty and showering and changing I set off on foot in the directrion he had pointed to look for them – without success! By this time also VERY hungry, I went back to the tent, donned cycling shoes and helmet, putr lights on the bike and set off anew. Fortunately I met a very frindly German lady wqho explained to me the rathr complicated way and there they were on the beach! At 9:15 I at long last had a beer and a meal.

Tour stats: 84 km., 820 m. climb, 7 hrs bike time

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2 Responses to Day 18 – Corneille de Reviere-Cerbère

  1. Hallo Susan, gratuliere Sie haben es bald geschafft! Ich bin gestern von St. Genis des Fontaines wieder mit dem Bus nach Hause gefahren. Es war die letzten Tage ziemlich heiß und der Wind kam auch nicht immer von der richtigen Seite – Sie haben eine tolle Leistung vollbracht.
    Grüße von Hannes Aschauer, Camping Bourg St. Andeol

  2. Glynis says:

    Hi Sue, well I must say it is all very exciting reading your daily trials, and I look forwards to them.
    You have done so well and are heading towards your journeys end. take care bye for now love Glynis XXXX

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