Day 19 – Cerbère-La Tallada d’Empordà

Today I crossed the Pyranese – yes I actually did it!
I woke up very early, but didn’t know what to do, because my Kindle had ceased to work overnight and I had to conserve the battery on my phone, as there was nowhere on the campsite to charge it.
I don’t know how people sleep so long on campsites these days! I didn’t want to disturb anyone, so daren’t do much packing before 7.
Then I was a bit slow due to trying to be quiet, but I finally got away and cycled back down the hill into Cerbère for breakfast. I took my time over it, as my phone was charging inside the cafe and finally left about 9.
The climb was harder than expected – although not steep it was extremely long and the sun was already quite strong, but I finally reached the top, then the exhilerating ride down, only to see how far I had to go up again! Actually, this wasn’t as bad as it looked, but I did opt out of going right to the top, as originally intended, and took the tunnels after all. There was very little traffic, the long tunnel (500 m.) was well lit and I did have a flashing red light in addition to my warning jacket, but I still felt safer pushing along the pavement.
After this came another descent, but there were still several more climbs to come. As in France the road kept coming down to the beach towns and up again over the next hill.
However it was a really great sensation of achievement, full of emotion, and when I got towards Llançà the tears came! My efforts were being rewarded by this beautiful view of the briliant blue ocean shimmering silver in the sun!
After that the traffic seemed to increase constantly and I was glad when I could leave the main road and head south again. It was rather slow ging due to the wind but that also prevented it from feeling so hot and otherwise easy. It was great having the harder part first and the easier part afterwards for a change.
Although I still hadn’t quite reached 50 km. by my ususal time of 2 p.m. I stopped for my lunchbreak at a picnic area by the river in St. Père Pescador from where it took me another hour to get to L’Éscala. There I went swimming in the sea before thee final 8 km. to my last warm showers hosts Matt and Steve.
Again I was warmly welcomed and another nice meal and enjoyable company completed the day.

Tour stats: 68 km., 554 m. climb, 5:40 bike time

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1 Response to Day 19 – Cerbère-La Tallada d’Empordà

  1. André says:

    congratulations…!!! nice to read that you had a good day and awesome picture…!

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