I love this city.

My youth hostel is very central – just off the Rambles. There’s lots going on, but it’s quie a different flair to Lloret. You can eat very inexpensively, but there are also plenty of “better” restaurants. I saw about 20 people waiting outside one today.

I went on a bus tour of the city today and saw a lot. It also prompted me to go and visit the old town, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise (because I didn’t know it existed!)

It rained twice during the day: the first time as I was on the bus, where all the passengers were sitting on the open top deck. A cover automatically came out but it was raining so hard that noone could sit on the outside. It was not much good downstairs as most of the windows were covered in foil. I got out twice, once a a market and the second time at the World Trade Centre, where there are restaurants and I was getting hungry. I expected it to be rather expensive, but I had been living very economically so far! What a surprise – a 3-course meal with drink and coffee for € 11,50! When I asked what drinks were included, wine was also mentioned, which I promptlz ordered. They put an open bottle on my table and I could drink a much as I wanted. By the time I had cotinued my tour on the next bus it had stopped raining. I went into a supermarket for food for next day. It was an enormous Carrefour, but I couldn’t find any dairy products until I discovered that this ws on the lower floor wiht the fruit and vegetables,

I then returned to the hostel to repack my stuff, so that I don’t have to take the saddlebags off the bike on the ferry, which I had booked today for tomorrow.

When I went out the secod time it was drizzling a bit and I contemplated going back for an umbrella, but as I had just been up and down the stairs twice and the sky was not black I decided not to. (There is a lift.) After a meal of  Tapas, Paella und Sangria on the Rambles, I had to go inside the bar for coffee, because it was raining so hard,

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