Leg 4 – It gets better and better

Today I found my bike in the shed with TWO flat tyres. I couldn’t get the first tube off. It was the super gel tube, which the caretaker at the hotel had given me yesterday! I was staying in a small village where apparently there was only a baker, but I had seen a tyre business (for cars) yesterday, so I set off there with the 2 wheels in my hand. The two men there helped me for free and I hoped the air they put in would hold for 15 kilometers – the next cycle workshop on my way. I could have gone back to a closer one but that would have added 10 kilometers to my day. I was a bit worried, as I had repaired the tubes myself. Sure enough about 2 kilometers before I reached the town the front tyre started to get softer and soon I had to push. It was already after 12 when I got to the workshop – a time when most places here close for lunch, but it was open. I had a new tube put in and it wasn’t my bad repair but another hole! He also adjusted my rear brake, which had been making a lot of noisea,d it was almost 1 p.m. before I got away with over 60 kilometers still to cycle. However it was a fairly easy run mostly beautiful along the cabal and I was here just after 6.
Thursday 24th July, Hienheim-Hilpotstein, 87,99 km., 298 m.climb, 5:54:60 bike-time

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