Well, after buying the box 190 cm. Long, which was supposed to be OK according to the British Airways website, I spent all morning packing my bike. I had also practiced how to turn the handlebars and take the pedals off. I also had to let the air out and put the right gear in, adding extra protection of lightweight polystyrene. I had nowhere to weigh the box, but weighed everything else and thought I was well under the limit. On arrival at the airport, the lady at bag-drop called for her supervisor as soon as she saw me approaching! Apparently there are restrictions’ on height and width too and I should also have registered it in advance! I hadn’t read that anywhere, but I did phone BA and asked if i could check my bike in the evening before (she said no).

Anyway the supervisor came and told me the bo was too big. Peter and I cut it open, took the front wheel off, cut the box down and repacked it. Fortunately I had taken everything with me!!

They then accepted it, although they said it’s still to big and they can’t guarantee it will go all the way to Inverness as the second machine may not be big enough to get it through the hold door! So I’m hoping and praying it will! Anyway the lady went with is to the bulky luggage desk and it was 3 Kilos overweight, which cost me € 75.

Lets just hope it goes all the way, so that my PLANNED adventure can begin tomorrow!

Gesendet von meinem Windows 10 Phone

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