We made it!

More adventure time in Heathrow as I had left a can of hairspray in with my hairdryer. That originally went in one of the bike bags, but I decided they were too heavy and repacked. It was only 100 ml. So they didn’t confiscate it, but they totally unpacked my oh so carefully packed sports bag and it’s now a mess. It’s a wonder we could even close it again

When I arrived at the gate rather flustered they were already boarding. I joined the queue as I wanted to get right up to the gate to ask about my bike. I don’t know what I would have done if they couldn’t take it! I was asked to step to one side and a gentleman made a couple of phone-calls before telling me it’s being loaded. I could have hugged him. My taxi was waiting at Inverness airport and on arrival at the station, the driver helped me unpack my bike, before taking away the remains of the box.

After reassembling and unsuccessfully trying to check my air-pressure at a filling station, while I and my bags got wet (rain covers not yet handy) I had a fish & chip lunch in Morrison’s supermarket – £ 6 including pot of tea!

I’m now on the train to Wick.

Gesendet von meinem Windows 10 Phone

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1 Response to We made it!

  1. André says:

    Congrats, happy you got your bike with you. Have fun 🙂

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